Driftwood and Timber Christmas

I’ve noticed a new trend emerging for the Christmas period, one that is particularly popular to the crafty amongst us or those living on the coast and wanting to add a bit of a beach theme to their Christmas celebrations. The new trend is using driftwood and timber to create fancy and neat holiday decorations. You can make them using items you would collect on the coastline, or you can buy them from places like Wheel and Barrow. Here are some ideas if you want to follow this latest trend and have a driftwood Christmas…

Photo from Pinterest

A great decoration idea is to create a wreath out of driftwood. They can be hung anywhere and you can use them again and again, especially if your at a beach house and want to make it a permanent decoration item. They look great up against a whitewash or blue painted timber panel and you can make it as beachy as you like by adding shells to driftwood.

Photo by Madera del Mar.

If you do want something that is more of a seasonal Christmas only wreath, you can go for more a starburst pattern. Create the driftwood and line it up so it seems to be exploding from the centre. You can add some shells in it to get that beach look as well.

Photo from Cottage and Bungalow

You can really get into the Christmas spirit by getting a driftwood Christmas tree as well. Places like Wheel and Barrow sell these and they are made of flatter driftwood than your find for the wreath. They are usually small, so they are perfect for a small Christmas tree for an apartment without children and animals, or as just a decorational piece. Small Christmas tree is usually better though.

Photo from Pink Frosting

If you don’t want to go too crazy with the driftwood and timber, you could always go for something a little bit more simpler – timber and wooden Christmas tree ornaments. They look super cute when they are rough cut into stars, deer and birds and can really make a homely Christmas tree.

If you have any more ideas about how you plan to have a driftwood and timber Christmas, let me know! E-mail me at thepartconnection@hotmail.com

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