Follow The Yellow Brick Road

One of the greatest stories of all time has to be the magic tale of The Wizard Of Oz. Filled with magical lands and amazing adventures, if the story isn’t what draws your children in, the ruby red slippers will! If you want to make your child feel like Dorothy in the Emerald City, why not throw her a Wizard of Oz themed party that will get everybody excited? Here are some amazing ideas that can help you do just that…

Photo by The TomKat Studios and Kate Landers Events

Dorothy was a simple farm girl, armed with a blue patchwork dress, a basket and some ruby red shoes. The best way to emulate the character of Dorothy is to create the same kind of atmosphere. Use hay bales to simulate the country girl feel and these can work well as decorations, seats or even candy buffet decorations. Place your cupcakes on them for an instant cupcake stand and for instant Dorothy inspired atmosphere!

The blue patchwork dress is an effective Dorothy symbol. Get a light blue patchwork table cloth or table runner to cover the table, or decorate with a blue patchwork bow. Use blue and white polka dot or patchwork bunting to decorate the walls and don’t forget to go along with the country girl feel by using things like jars and vintage milk bottles as cups for drinks. A great centre piece is always a tin pail and it will only help to reign in the Dorothy feel.

Photo from Viva La Blogette

Once your guests are ready to return back to their “dirt farming aunt and uncle” (Thanks Futurama!) you can send them on their way with a Dorothy inspired gift. Whatever you give your guests, make sure it is sent off in a basket for true Wizard of Oz style!

Now, it’s not a Wizard of Oz party without the yellow brick road! Without the yellow brick road, Dorothy would be lost and it’s important that your guests don’t get lost either. Introduce them to your magical land by painting a large sheet, using chalk to draw the outline, or get a yellow aisle runner, to lead the way up your front garden path to your entrance. Wherever that is allowed for guests to wander, you can use this yellow brick road to guide them as well! If you are unable to paint a yellow brick road, you can create a hanging one, by purchasing yellow paper ball lanterns and hanging them up in a line to create the road!

You can also go all out serve lollies from Munchkinland and put a wall decal of the Emerald City on the crucial door in the house. You could decorate that inside room in a brilliant emerald green as well!

If you have any more ideas about how to take your children to Oz, e-mail me at

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