Sock Monkey Madness!

Let me tell you a story about sock monkeys. My fiancee and I rather enjoyed Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium so much (specifically the sad little sock monkey that just wanted a hug!) that we decided to purchase the sock monkey merchandise that was available from the movie. We were either just friends, or just dating, when he bought us matching sock monkeys. One lived at my house, one at his; and they were both the generally sad looking sock monkey that you would normally get.

Once we moved in together we put the sock monkeys together and sat them on our bed every day (well, I did. He is too manly for that!) and slowly we began to realize that our sock monkeys had literally turned their frown upside down! The edges of their mouths no longer pointed down, but pointed up! Our sad sock monkeys were now happy that they were together! Ever since then, sock monkeys have become just one of our many symbols of our love!

Sock monkeys are such an early 90’s style toy, and the adorable and comfortable toy would make an amazing first birthday party theme for any child who may be in love with their parent’s cherished childhood toy. Here are some adorable ways to bring a little bit of the 90’s into your child’s party!


Photo by Shutterbug and the Sweet Life

If your going with the sock monkey party, you will need to have a favor to give to your child’s guests. Giving each child their very own sock monkey might get expensive (vintage isn’t necessarily cheap!) so go for another fan favorite – cookies in a jar! Celebrate your child’s passion for baking by creating the cute little favour that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Get a few jars together and mix in the dry ingredients you would need to make cookies so that your guests only have to add the butter and eggs.

Next, cut some brown and white square material out and place it over the lid of the jar. Secure it with a red and white string to add that little touch of sock monkey!

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Photo by Belva June

Belva June also had this great idea to serve your guests chocolate milk and use red and white vintage straws to pull in the sock monkey colour theme. Use a light brown tablecloth for the table and red and white polka dot bunting to decorate.

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Photo by Belva June

Don’t forget to add some actual sock monkeys as well to add to the cute factor! I’m off to cuddle my own….

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