Zombie Themed Halloween

We all know a zombie apocalypse is bound to happen one day, so why not pull a Bill Murrey in Zombieland and host a zombie themed party for Halloween? It’s a downright scary twist to a regular Halloween party, and if all your guests show up looking like zombies drenched in fake blood, if the world turns into flesh eating creatures of the night you will be able to fit right in and survive it!

Photo from Pinterest

Tombstones are your best bet for a zombie themed Halloween party. Everyone knows about that classic scene of a half rotted hand clawing it’s way out of the dirt to give birth to the horror of the walking dead, and it would be silly not to play with it. Use pot plants or pots of dirt you might have in the house and set them up all over the place. Buy fake zombie hands (you can get them super cheaply) and have them half buried in the pot plants so it looks like the dead are rising. Just to give it that super creepy rising feel, add some tomb stones around the site of the hands. Make sure the tomb stones are in correct size correlation to the zombie hand to give it that extra realistic feel.

This style also looks amazing a centrepiece for your food table – get some graveyard cookies and make cupcakes in this same style and everything will be zombie themed.

Photo from Party City

Dirt and plants and general mess is probably your best bet when it comes to decorations. If a zombie infection spread through your town, you wouldn’t be a neat freak about it. There would be blood splatter on the walls and glass broken beneath your feet. If all the zombies rising from their plant graves weren’t enough, you can spread a bit of dirt around and add some tombstones. Set the venue up like you were walking through a cemetery and add some spiky metal gates around the entrance. This is where zombies are born!

Photo from Zombease

If you want to go a bit more 28 Days Later with your zombie theme, you can channel a “I just woke up in a hospital and the world has been overtaken with zombie” feel. Add some UV style bags and hang them around the place (fill them with vodka to make a tasty surprise!) and put medical instruments around the place.

A fun decoration to add is to get a huge frosted tarp an hang it up over a door (possibly a door you don’t really want guests to go into – like your bedroom, or freak them out and put it in the shower to frighten guests when they go to the bathroom!). Put bloody handprints (paint is good) on the tarp to look like people have been trying to get away. Tape it up to make it seem like a quarantined area.

To also quarantine off an infected area, a cool idea is to get a basic plank of wood and write the word “infected” on it hastily. Then hang it off some hooks or balance it across the door handles of a room you don’t want guests to go into. This is a fun, effective decoration that shows off your creative side.

If you have any other ideas for a zombie themed Halloween let me know at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

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