Candyland Party Invitations

I had the honor of having Byron Carr Designs create an amazing invitation for the Candyland party. An actual chocolate bar (ok, it was a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar) was wrapped up in a unique design that featured a fun striped wrapper with an original name (Chocolicious Delight). It looked so real that people thought it was an actual chocolate bar and when they were told to unwrap it nobody wanted to ruin it!

On the inside, nestled with the foil wrapped chocolate, was each guests’ golden ticket ala Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory! Mimicked from the design and wording from the actual golden ticket in the movie, stated all the information guests needed to get to the party. Everyone loved the idea and it was certainly a unique and fun way to send out invitations to your own Candy Land or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party!

I do apologize for the photos in this entry. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to upload other ones, but if you are interested in Byron Carr designs, email him at His work is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Candyland Party Invitations

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