Vampire Drinks For Your True Blood Halloween

Vampires are dujour. Since popularity has sprung from Hollywood projects such as the Twilight saga, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, classics have been getting the vampire tweaking – with everything from Dracula remakes, Romeo and Juliet and Vampires and even histories such as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter drinking the blood of innocents. Romanticizing the gore that is usually associated with vampires, Halloween is a perfect time to welcome the vampire trend – if only for a night.

Now True Blood is one of my favorite vampire trends. It’s sexy, gory and everything vampires should be. If your ever to have a grown up style vampire party, True Blood is probably the best theme for you! Here are some fun ways to serve your drinks at your very own True Blood party…

Photo by Deliciously Darling Events

If you love your shifters and True Blood style, you could host yourself a Merlotte’s style lemonade. This is a particularly effective idea if your venue also happens to be in a bar. Serve some yummy cloudy lemonade in big drink vases and provide “moonshine” style jars as cups. If you want to make it authentic get yourself a Merlotte’s Bar and Grill decal for the drink vases.

Photo by Deliciously Darling Events

You can’t forget to serve your vampire guests at the Merlotte’s themed party! Provide your guests with red wine and red flavoured drinks with unique labels to reflect the theme.

Photo by Deliciously Darling Events

Now, if you want your party to have more of a Fangtasia kind of feel, you can get some fruity recipes that reflect red theme drinks. Use martini glasses, red sugar for the rim, and black and white straws to recreate Eric Northman’s infamous bar. I’ll provide a cool list of cocktails soon that can work for your vampire theme! Don’t forget to provide bottles of Tru Blood – which you can buy from any cool store like Minotaur – which is a carbonated orange flavored drink served in bottles replicated like that from the TV show. Authentic! And a great way to satisfy your True Blood fans.

Photo by Deliciously Darling Events

A fun way to incorporate the True Blood storyline (specifically the fifth season, which introduced vials of the “God” Lilleth’s blood) you can get test tubes and fill them with red drinks (shots of red vodka are an effective – and messy – drink to serve). Put a tag on them, lay it in a chamber of vampire teeth and hey presto! Your guests could see their very own version of Lilleth (Though, we don’t ever advocate over-drinking!).

Have fun, and remember to stay safe and not bite your neighbour this Halloween!

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