How To Make A Rainbow Layer Cake

Layered cakes are an “in” thing at the moment – up there with cake pops and candy buffets. Layered cakes are basically cakes that look normal on the outside (with decadent frosting and cake toppers etc.) but when you cut into them they have different coloured layers within the cake. Some popular designs are just going for a rainbow pattern, but others can have different shades of colours (like a purple, lilac and white cake). The overall effect is very special and is sure to jazz up any normal birthday cake, so here is a basic idea on how to make such a masterpiece!

Make your favorite vanilla cake mix (you might have to make two or three depending on the size you want your cake to be) and split them into different bowls. Use food colouring to dye each bowl of cake mix a different colour. For a rainbow cake you will have to make a red cake mix, blue one, a green one, a yellow one, an orange one, a purple one and a pink one. Put each cake mix into a different cake pan and bake for the same amount of time.


Pull the different coloured cakes out of the oven and let them cool. Once it has been cooled, place each cake in colour-coordinated order, using buttercream icing (your own or a pre-mix) to stick the layers together. Put it all over the tops of each cake like your were building a wall.

Layer Cake

Once you’ve done building your cake tower, create the icing and ice the cake like you normally would, using a spatula to ice the sides of the cake. This will make sure no body catches wind of the amazingness inside the cake until they cut into it! White icing looks better for a rainbow cake because that way it won’t clash with the rainbow inside, but you can always decorate with cute flags or cake toppers to make the outside appear just as special as the inside.

Then light the candles, sing happy birthday and watch everyone’s delighted faces as you cut the cake!

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