Fast Food Sweets: Cookie Fries and Cake Burgers

Photos by Bakerella

Do you love fast food and super cute snacks? Well Bakerella has introduced us to some amazing little pint sized snacks that pack a punch on her blog . Shaped like little burgers and fries, these little cakes and biscuits are a great idea on how to turn something savoury into something sweet!

She started by creating a little retro paper boat for the snacks to sit in, but you can get yourself a cheap red basket from your local dollar store for the same idea. Get some checkerboard red and white paper and you’ve got the vintage feel straight away! Don’t forget to make little pillows with an entrance at the top for the cookie fries, which you can do by sticking some printing paper together and cutting the top out.

Photos by Bakerella

First up Bakerella introduced the cookie fries. Make some sugar cookies from a sugar cookie recipe and roll it out nice and thin. Cut the cookies into long fingers to make the fries and sprinkle sugar on them to make the “salt” look. Bake as directed from the cookie recipe, sprinkle some more sugar on top and pack some into your little fry bag. And ta da! Perfect Cookie Fries!

Next came the little snack burgers. Bake vanilla cupcakes as directed, as well as some chocolate brownies (alot of baking here guys!). Cut the cupcakes into halves once they are baked and cooled, and when the chocolate brownies are completely cooled use round cookie cutters to create perfectly round brownies. These are the buns and the patties in your cake burger. Put the brownie patty on one half of the cupcake and get ready for toppings!

Photos by Bakerella

Mix some icing together (she used instant frosting so you can use what you want) and separate it into three bowls. Colour each separate bowl of icing a different colour – green for lettuce, red for tomatoes and yellow for cheese. Get three different piping bags (or plastic sealed bags) and squeeze it on to the brownie. Make a squiggly pattern for the lettuce to give the illusion of texture that you would get with normal lettuce. Put the top of your cupcake gently on top and sprinkle sesame seeds on the top of the “bun” to give it an authentic burger look.

Yum yum! Enjoy! Let me know if you try making these… I’d love to see some!

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