Top Treats For Halloween

Get yourself Halloween ready by making some of these amazing horror themed treats that are sure to have guests always chiming “Give me something good to eat!”

Ghost sugar cookies are my favorite treat for a spooky party and I made them for my horror themed 21st. They went out the door in minutes and everyone commented on how fabulously tasty they were! Make sugar cookies like the would normally make them (I used an altered version of my chocolate chip cookie never fail recipe which I will post here soon!) and make white icing that will go on top. Icing that has a consistency that hardens once it has been spread is the best. Make sure the cookies are cut into little ghost shapes and then put the icing on them. Make a small separate batch of icing and dye it black with food colouring to put on eyes and a mouth!

Bobbing for apples are a fun Halloween game that kids love to play, so serving tasty candied apples are a fun way to bring both health, deliciousness and tradition into one tasty snack! A fun twist on this candied apple is to have caramel apples instead. You can also decorate the caramel apples with hard chocolate to pull off a Halloween look.

Witches fingers are a deliciously spooky treat that are sure to provide shock and awe for guests. Made like a normal cookie to be shaped like fingers, they are coated with melted chocolate at the ends and a blanched almond is stuck to the chocolate to provide that dirty fingernail look. You can get the recipe for these amazingly spooky cookies over at Kids Fun!

Cake Pops are the in thing at the moment for most celebrations, so why not have some spooky ones to help ring in your Halloween? From Martha Stewart and Bakerella comes these way cute Halloween cake pops . Decorated like mummies, ghosts, pumpkins and spiders, you will have all your guests howling with delight!

If you have any more treats that you like to use for your Halloween parties, email them to me at

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