Trending: Coffee Bars

Photo by Wedding Star

Candy Buffets are all the rage for weddings nowadays, but when my fiancee and I (who are huge coffee addicts) are planning our gifts for the weddings we decided to take a bit of a different approach.

I discovered this in the Wedding Star magazine and found the photo on the website  but basically the idea is to have baggies of coffee, tea and biscuits available for guests to take home, instead of bags of candy. This idea works really well for coffee addicts, weddings that have more mature guests, and for something a bit different.

I love the idea of setting up a coffee machine next to the coffee bar, if only as a decoration on the table. Add vintage milk bottles with vintage straws and baggies of your favorite coffee and you have an amazing set up that looks cute and tastes great!

A great idea is to also provide compatible desserts that you would generally eat with your coffee, such as chocolate selections, biscottis, muffins, cookies and other gourmet desserts.

Don’t forget some of your favourite teas for the non coffee drinkers!

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