Candyland Party

For a 22nd birthday party, I had the pleasure of designing and styling a Candyland themed party held in an apartment building. Everyone dressed sweet (some with candy pinned to them, some as a Nerd etc.) and went into a sugar coma with the amount of candy served at the party! Here are some of the things I did to create a candy land…

Hanging around the light globes, we purchased colourful lanterns in candy colours (green, pink, blue, purple and yellow) and taped layers of cellophane around the outside, making it bunch at either end. What was created was cute boiled lollies that decorated the ceiling!

We also made giant lollipops, by taping coloured cellophane around a paper plate and sticking a long wooden rod in the centre. These colourful green and purple lollipops stood guard at the front door to let guests know where the party was taking place. I also used the paper plates and covered them in yellow, blue, purple and green cellophane, making flat packed boiled lollies that were stuck to the wall.

Giant cupcake cookie jars also make a great centrepiece for cocktail rounds and tables, and I increased the sweet theme by including some Martha Stewart Pinwheels, which are sold as a DIY kit and are made of colourful paper and patterns. These look great in a long circular vase.

For any candy themed party, a candy buffet is a must! Using red and white candy cane striped accessories (styling tags, plates, napkins and cups) that I bought from Paper Eskimo, I placed all the candy buffet supplies over a red organza table runner to tie in with the theme. Serving vases of jelly beans, rainbow ordered lollipops, assorted cupcakes, strawberries, rainbow cookies and a giant gummy bear made up the candy buffet.

Sugary and sweet was everywhere – and it certainly was a sweet night! If you have any ideas about creating your own candyland party, don’t forget to e-mail me at

I’ll show you some photos of the invitations shortly – they were the best part!

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