Lime and Coconut Themed Engagement Party

I had the great honor of preparing an engagement party with very little time for preparation – an event coordinators worst nightmare! – but with an amazing theme of Lime and Coconut! My favorite combination was to be a preview of the wedding to come, which was also to be Lime and Coconut themed, and an intimate dinner at a favorite restaurant for close family and friends.

My favorite thing about the night was the theme and how such a small item – from a tea-light candle to a centerpiece – could transform any plain table into a decadent array of feast and celebration. Here are some of the fun things used to help introduce the theme of the wedding:

The dining table of the restaurant was a dark wood so all the green and white really popped! Separated into two long tables, one table boasted the dessert as the centerpiece – vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream icing and lime zest, all packed into a cute like green and white polka dot patty case. Tea-lights lit up the remainder of the table, to give that feeling that magic was really in the air!


The second table featured three long cylinder vases with both whole and cut limes arranged in the middle and an ivory bow wrapped around the vase. Spread out amongst the vases also were tea-lights to help create the romantic atmosphere.

I do apologize for the quality of some of these pictures – as the camera used was not so great and since the event took place in a restaurant it was hard to orchestrate with the usual bright lighting – but hopefully it still showed the romantic and happy side of this lovely celebration!

So what do you think of the centrepieces for my engagement dinners? please let me know at or leave a message in the comment section below.

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