Welcome to the Circus!

There is nothing more magical than the circus, and it is one of my dreams to host a circus themed party – with red and white stripes, tents, glitter in the air and awesome costumes like lions, ringleaders and magician’s assistants! it’s on the cards for me, and you will be one of the first to see the results – but until then, I hope you get inspiration from the circus party I found by Wants and Wishes,  because I certainly did!Image

Photo by Wants and Wishes

This sweet as candy buffet really hit home with the red and white striped tent (and bunting) and the yellow polka dot tablecloth was a nice way to mix up the patterns and colours a bit. The set up of the food is simple, but so elegently effective. Sometimes with candy buffets, if there are lots of colours in the layout, it’s best to not have so many props that make the table seem too busy!


Photo by Wants and Wishes

Cute party hats are such a necessity for any children’s birthday party and these circus themed hats are such a cute spin on a general party accessory. Making party hats in two different colours give such a fun and frivolous feel to the party – kind of like being in a carnival kaleidoscope – and helps bring all guests in and make them feel like they are party of the circus!


Photo by Wants and Wishes

No celebration isn’t complete without the appropriate snacks and a circus theme means you can go quite creative. At Wants and Wishes, they filled red cordial and blue lemonade into glass bottles and designed a label for the bottle that matched the other items at the party. They also served fun food like popcorn in red and white striped bags, bags of peanuts, cupcakes with hundreds and thousands on them and bright colourful lollipops.

As a fun thing to do, you could get a cotton candy maker and let some guests make their own cotton candy. You could have fun spotted cones to put them in as well for them to take away!

Yay! What a wonderful way to spend a day – at both a circus, and a circus themed party!

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